Our Staff

Mike Vest

Mike Vest, Executive Director, is a native of Birmingham and is no stranger to the present and growing epidemic of addiction in and around the city. Mike is a graduate of Samford University and has many years of experience in the non-profit sector, as well as experience serving in other Executive Director positions. After experiencing four generations of substance abuse within his family, Mike aims to fight the epidemic at hand through providing needed education and resources to all who come in contact with the Addiction Prevention Coalition.

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Angela Dollison

Angela, Director of Student Programs, grew up in Demopolis, Al. She graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham with a B.S. in Community Health Education. She has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and has worked in several school systems in the Birmingham area implementing prevention programs. She believes with support and the right tools and resources our children have the power to create a better future for us all.

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Danny Molloy

Danny Molloy, Brand Ambassador, grew up right outside of Boston Mass. Through various life trials, he began to make some poor choices which led him  into a 15 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. After multiple rehabs and hospital stays, he came to Alabama and asked God to change his life. In  2009, Danny graduated from the Foundry in Bessemer, Alabama. He is very involved in the community and shares his powerful story at schools, rehabs,  and various venues throughout the community. At the APC, he works on video production and graphic design as well as social media communications  and public speaking. Danny believes that we all have choices to make everyday that will affect the future, and it is never too late to start making the right  ones. He believes that recovery and prevention are possible.

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Carie Wimberly

Carie Wimberly, Director of Operations, is a native of Birmingham, AL. After graduating from the University of Montevallo, Carie spent 20+ years with BellSouth and subsequent years on staff with local churches. Carie was first impacted by substance abuse among family and friends, which led her to involvement in recovery programs. Carie and her husband have been instrumental in leading and supporting Christian 12-step Recovery ministry in the Birmingham area for over 15 years. Carie is passionate about the mission of the Addiction Prevention Coalition and helping people find hope and freedom from the destructive power of addiction.. 

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