To prevent substance abuse in Central Alabama by engaging individuals in purposeful living


Helps to prevent substance abuse by facilitating student led drug prevention programs, connecting individuals to recovery resources and fostering community collaborations.


We will improve public awareness of issues surrounding addiction by: 

  • Highlighting the need for expanding capacity
  • Helping the community see both the toll and humanity of the impact of addiction
  • Helping to take away the shame of addiction in favor of support and accountability

We will define projects with our Board of Advisors to:

  • Reduce the supply of drugs and alcohol through enhanced enforcement and improved legislation
  • Reduce the demand by advocating for long-term cultural change
  • Reduce the impact by focusing on reducing relapse

We will encourage the development of consistent methods of measurement 

  • To help service providers target improvement in their operations
  • To facilitate excellence and promotion of best practices
  • To provide the community with a clear view of the real impact and cost of addiction

Did you know?

  • 25% of the healthcare costs of our Great Generation stem from substance abuse.
  • 1.4 billion pounds of toxic waste from meth is poured into our environment.
  • Substance abuse causes 93.75% of the high school student dropouts.
  • 57% of women contracting the AIDS virus have been linked strictly to IV drug use and high risk behavior that stems from the use.
  • 60% of teen suicides are linked to substance abuse.
  • Every 2.5 minutes a teen is arrested for involvement in a drug or alcohol related crime.
  • Over 90% of the murders in our community stem from drugs.
  • 25% of divorcees cite substance misuse as the reason for the divorce.